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Emre Fatih Bülbül

M.Sc. Emre Fatih Bülbül

e-mail: emre.bulbul(at)

Structure-based design of inhibitors for zinc-dependent enzymes

Human pathogenic parasites show similarities to tumor cells due to their multiple differentiation into other life forms, including a strong expression of individual epigenetic regulatory proteins. Zinc-dependent histone deacetylases (HDAC) are known to be important epigenetic regulators that have already led to the development of tumor therapeutics. Knockout studies of individual parasitic HDACs have shown that different isoforms are essential for the development of  parasites. In this project we focus on the isoform tcDAC2 from Trypanosoma cruzi. The aim of the project is the structure-based design and providing proposals for the synthesis of new inhibitors that target tcDAC2. Together with structural biologists (IGBMC, Strasbourg, France), in vitro assay developers (Univ. Freiburg) and parasitologists (Institute Pasteur Lille, France), a collaborative research project was established.

It is planned to synthesize different substance libraries using computer-based methods for lead optimization. In addition to the isolated enzymes, testing is also carried out in phenotypic screenings to determine the toxicity to parasites. The established models and methods for predicting the binding affinity of new compounds are also used on other zinc-dependent enzymes, such as the bacterial target LpxC (cooperation Prof. R. Holl, University of Hamburg).



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Posters :

Bülbül EF, Melesina J., Jung M., Christophe R., Sippl W. Testing of in silico
methods for the discovery of antiparasitic HDAC inhibitors, September 15-20,
2019, Vienna Summer School on Drug Design, Austria

Oral Presentation:

Bülbül EF, Structure Guided Analysis and Design of Novel Inhibitors
Targetinh Histone Deacetylases from Trypanosoma cruzi, September 20,
2019, EUROPIN talks in Vienna Summer School on Drug Design, Austria