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Publications 2006

J. Trapp, A. Jochum, R. Meier, L. Saunders, B. Marshall, C. Kunick, E. Verdin, P. Goekjian, W. Sippl, and M. Jung. Adenosine mimetics as inhibitors of NAD+-dependent histone deacetylases - from kinase to sirtuin inhibition. J. Med. Chem. 49, 7307-16, 2006

P. Frohberg, C. Wagner, R. Meier and W. Sippl. Derivatives of arylhydrazonic acids. Part 3: Stereochemical rearrangement of Z-oxanilo-N1-dialkyl-N2-arylamidrazones. Tetrahedron, 6050–6060, 62, 2006

W. Sippl. Application of Structure-based Alignment Methods for 3D-QSAR. In Methods and Principles in Medicinal Chemistry – Pharmacophores and Pharmacophore Concepts, Ed. Thierry Langer and Remy Hoffmann.
VCH Publisher, New York, 223-249, 2006